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Clinton touts Herald poll

Hillary Clinton's campaign is promoting a survey conducted for The Miami Herald that shows most Florida Democrats think the state should be able to send delegates to the nominating convention.

What the campaign doesn't say: 56 percent of the voters don't think her victory in the Jan. 29 results should be the basis for allocating those delegates. Full story here.

This morning, Clinton is in Michigan, the other state that forfeited its delegates, "because the voices of Michigan voters deserve to be heard."

What the campaign doesn't say: Clinton and the other candidates ignored those voices for months by boycotting Michigan and Florida to placate four smaller states blessed by the national party to hold the earliest contests.

The Barack Obama campaign -- which has little incentive to promote new votes in states where would it would face uphill battles -- is raising all sorts of questions about a potential re-vote in Michigan. Expect Clinton in her speech in Detroit this morning to condemn her rival's objections. More on that here.