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Fla Dems not showing McCain the love

Republican presidential contender John McCain has built a reputation of reaching across the aisle, but a new Miami Herald poll shows that most Florida Democrats aren't grabbing hold.

Eighty-one percent are unlikely to support the presumptive GOP nominee in November, according to the statewide survey of 600 Democrats.

An even larger majority -- 87 percent -- say their decision wouldn't change even if McCain picked Republican Gov. Charlie Crist as his running mate.

Pollster Tom Eldon said President Bush's low standing with Democrats is weighing McCain down.

"Party loyalty is very intense this year,'' Eldon said. I think it's eight years of a very partisan president, and some very key issues such as the war and the economy. It's very tough for McCain to cross over and get Democrats when he's defending a Republican-Bush war and a Republican-Bush economy.''

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