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Jeb finds Democratic do-over proposal "ironic" in the wake of 2000 battle

Former Gov. Jeb Bush has weighed in on the Democratic Party do-over dilemma in Florida, as well as several other topics, in an interview with Florida Baptist Witness.

Given the anger over the 2000 vote and the mantra of "count every vote,'' Bush said he finds it "ironic beyond belief" the battle over the Florida vote and said the Democratic Party created a hole of "their own doing."

"My thoughts are filled with irony that every vote should count," Bush said with a broad smile. “I mean this brings back memories of hyperbole and anger, mock anger …. It was a political circus for several years running, people trying to stoke the anger of a group of voters."

He also said that John McCain can rally conservative voters to his campaign for president if he lays out a "21st Century version of conservative thinking" and he contrasts his proposals with those being offered by either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. In expressing a theme he himself advocated in the waning days of his time as governor, Bush repeated that being conservative doesn't mean just being against things but it also means "pro-actively advocating" reforms.