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Nelson likes voting reforms, wants more

Nelson U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson addressed the Florida Senate Thursday morning. His message: America needs more voting reforms.

He lamented the fact that Florida's Jan. 29 primary - in which a record 3.6 million residents voted - is not being counted in choosing a Democratic presidential nominee.

"For me, it's fairly simple: It's a case of fundamental rights versus party rules," Nelson said. "This election has provided further evidence that our system is broken."

But he praised Florida's Legislature and Gov. Charlie Crist for helping push voting reforms, including doing away with touch-screen voting machines. Nelson asked lawmakers to support his movement to eliminate the Electoral College and require voting machines that produce paper-trail receipts.

"What I stand on is the principle that every citizen has an equal right to vote," he said. "I want to give citizens the direct power to elect the president."