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Sorry Charlie, no raise this year

This probably got overlooked when Gov. Charlie Crist released his own budget proposal earlier this year: No pay raises for the governor, members of the Cabinet, Supreme Court justices, state attorneys and public defenders. (Crist by the way earns nearly $133,000 a year.)

In its budget proposal unveiled on Sunday, the House has advocated that same position. As for other state employees, it's not so clear. Right now the House budget has no official language, but it does include nearly $40 million for state employee compensation. Last year lawmakers set aside more than $194 million for one-time employment bonuses.

Another thing that appears to be missing: How will lawmakers handle their own salaries? Will the Legislature change state law, or accept the automatic pay hikes that kick in each year. It is worth noting that the House budget does call for the Legislature's own internal budget to be 11 percent less than what it was a year ago.

(UPDATE: As noted in the comments, state law ties legislative pay to the "average increase" given to career service employees for the previous year. Last year state workers did not get an average increase, but a $1,000 bonus. That would seem to suggest that lawmakers will get no raise this year and a raise next year would appear to be unlikely since the House is only considering targeted pay hikes for highway troopers. Sorry for the mistake.)