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Deutch begs Dean to avoid 'political tragedy'

S030State Sen. Ted Deutch of Boca Raton is calling on Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean to resolve the dispute over Florida's delegates by seating half of them at the nominating convention. That would net Hillary Clinton 19 delegates -- not enough to close the 100-plus delegate gap with Barack Obama.

But if the national party did agree to the 50 percent reduction and bestow some kind of legitimacy on Florida's Jan. 29 primary, Clinton could argue to superdelegates that they should take into account her 300,000-vote margin of victory.

The 50 percent solution is also sought in an appeal filed by superdelegate Jon Ausman of Tallahassee, who notes that the national party's own rules say that states that vote out of turn "shall'' see their delegates reduced by 50 percent.

Here's Deutch's letter: Download 04170820ltr20to20deanfinal1.doc