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Florida gets half votes at convention

Florida's four long months in the political wilderness are over: The state will get to vote at a history-making Democratic nominating convention, though the weight of Hillary Clinton's victory in the state's primary will be cut in half, under a compromise reached Saturday after a testy daylong hearing that belied party leaders' calls for unity.

Under the deal, every one of Florida's 211 delegates will go to the Democratic National convention in Denver in late August, though each delegate will get a half-vote. Clinton, who Florida's Jan. 29 primary, will net 19 more delegates than rival Barack Obama.

A 30-member panel of the Democratic National Committee voted to retreat from its decision last year to ignore Florida's vote. The earliest primary in state history flouted party rules aimed at discouraging states from jumping the gun.

The Clinton campaign will use Florida's new legitimacy to argue that her victory in the nation's largest battleground state makes her the stronger nominee. But the odds of her overtaking Obama's lead are long and her supporters in the audience at the hearing booed and jeered when a motion to fully restore Florida's votes failed.

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