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Gelber steps off sidelines, stands behind Obama

The Democratic leader in the Florida House, Dan Gelber of Miami Beach, just endorsed Barack Obama on his blog at

"It's time to move on,'' Gelber said, following last night's resounding defeat for Hillary Clinton in North Carolina and her narrow win in Indiana. "I want to do anything I can to get people moving toward Obama and worrying about November. We've got to end this current race as quickly as possible."

It will be interesting to see how the Obama campaign responds. Typically it makes a big fuss over an endorsement from a superdelegate -- the campaign just sent out a press release about three pickups. But Gelber is a superdelegate from Florida, a state whose primary Obama discounted because the national party ruled it out and he didn't campaign here.

Perhaps the Obama campaign will use Gelber's endorsement to make a more aggressive push for the Florida delegates to be seated, now that he is closer to the nomination and can worry less about the exact score. Gelber could also be a valuable ally in the Jewish community, where Obama is beating Republican John McCain but not polling as well as Democratic nominee John Kerry did in 2004 (see post below).