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Larcenia: I don't appreciate the way I'm being treated

With tensions running high in the last hours of session, the typically good-natured Sen. Larcenia Bullard, D-Miami, broke down, accusing Senate President Ken Pruitt of ignoring her questions and refusing to acknowledge her requests to speak throughout the day. The breaking point came as lawmakers tried to attach a central Florida commuter rail amendment to one of her bills to study the expansion of Interstate 95.

"Today I am denied the right to ask a question, and that I think is just blatantly disrepectful, and I ask all of you to not. And that just is not something we should do," Bullard said, her voice catching. "I've been called names and to wear me down as you have, I am very saddened that we have reached this level in this process...I do not appreciate the way I am being treated."

Following Bullard's five-minute speech, Pruitt apologized then recessed the Senate, prompting other senators to walk over and try to console Bullard.

"Sen. Bullard, if you feel I have disrespected you in any way, I apologize."