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Stone's role in Miami-Dade recount disputed

The New Yorker's latest issue features a profile of longtime Republican operative Roger Stone, who claims to have masterminded the near-riot that helped to shut down the vote recount in Miami-Dade in 2000. This blogger watched HBO's newly released movie Recount about the contested election with Stone a couple of weeks ago and wrote this.

But the New Yorker profile includes a voice of dissent who says Stone has exaggerated his role in commandeering the crowd from a nearby trailer with a walkie talkie.

"I was the guy in charge of the trailer, and I coordinated the Brooks Brothers riot," Brad Blakeman, a lobbyist and political consultant who worked for Bush in Miami, told The New Yorker. "Roger did not have a role that I know of. His wife may have been on the radio, but I never saw or heard from him.” Scoffing at Blakeman’s account, Stone asserts that he was in the trailer; he said that he had never heard of Blakeman. (Rule: "Lay low, play dumb, keep moving.")

The New Yorker profile is here.