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The DNC lineup: Nelson, Wexler, Martinez, et al

The line-up for Saturday's hotly-anticipated DNC smackdown is out: In this corner, representing Barack Obama's campaign, Boca Dem. Rep. Robert Wexler. For Hillary Clinton, Tampa state Sen. Arthenia Joyner. For the state Democratic party, Sen. Bill Nelson. And for DNC member Jon Ausman, who filed the appeal the DNC will take up, its Ausman, along with Clinton supporter and former Hialeah Mayor Raul Martinez and Janee Murphy, an Obama supporter from Tampa.

Wexler, a prominent advocate for counting all the votes in 2000 and Obama's Florida campaign chairman, said he talked with Obama about making the campaign's case when the candidate was in Florida last week.

"The importance of seating the Florida delegation at the convention was absolutely a topic of discussion," Wexler said. "Senator Obama is unequivocal in his commitment to have Florida's delegation represented."

Obama's campaign said earlier this week that he's willing to give Clinton an edge in delegates if it means resolving the situation.

Clinton, however, wants all the delegates to be seated - based on the Jan. 20 primary that she won, though both candidates had agreed not to campaign in the state.