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It's Gov. Kottkamp as Crist goes under knife

Knee Gov. Charlie Crist briefly relinquished his power on Wednesday, as he underwent a knee operation that required light general anesthesia, according to Crist's press office.

Crist filled out a letter that handed over power to Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp during the operation, which lasted from 12:30 p.m. to 2:10 p.m. Here's the letter: Download Certificate.pdf

According to Crist's office, the governor underwent operative arthroscopy on his left knee to remove tears in both his medial and lateral meniscus. The operation was performed by Dr. William Lowry in St. Petersburg. The surgery was recommended to "address the aggravation of an old injury." The governor's office also said that  "Dr. Lowry expects an expeditious recovery for Governor Crist, who is now resting comfortably and is in good spirits."

Crist played football in high school, and briefly in college and has said in the past that he hurt his knee, which forced him to swim to stay in shape.