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McCain's new Miami radio ad: "No concessions to dictatorships"

John McCain is out with his first general election campaign ad in Spanish -- a 60-second radio spot airing in South Florida -- that seeks to contrast his stance on Cuba with Dem rival Barack Obama.

Titled "Cuba Prisoners," the spot features the voice of Robert Martin Perez, a 28-year Cuban political prisoner.

"John McCain knows that Raul Castro is like his brother, a man that does almost anything to stay in power, violating the fundamental rights of Cubans," Perez says in the ad. Without mentioning Obama by name, Perez says, "while some support a dialogue with Raul Castro, John McCain believes we should support the courageous men and women who continue to stand up for freedom in Cuba.

"...John McCain knows that freedom in Cuba won't be achieved with concessions to dictatorships," he says

Listen here.