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UPDATE: Nat cat fight: Obama hits McCain on opposition

Rep. Ron Klein, a newly minted Barack Obama supporter and superdelegate, is joining state Rep. Dan Gelber today in bashing John McCain for not supporting his proposal for a national catastrophe insurance fund.

Klein noted his bill has Gov. Charlie Crist's backing and cleared the House - with Republican backing. He said McCain didn't intially oppose the measure, but backed off after President Bush said the measure would disprupt the private market. He said McCain's claims of the cost of the program are exaggerated.

And he ridiculed McCain's contention that FEMA would be capable of handling the issue.

"It's unclear to me how Sen. McCain has come to the conclusion that FEMA is the answer," Klein said. "We're very concerned someone who wants to run for president is not informed."

He said he asked all the prez contenders if they would support the program and got letters of support from Obama, along with Rudy Giuliani, John Edwards, and Hillary Clinton, who has co-sponsored similar legislation in the Senate with Florida Sen. Bill Nelson.

McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds retorts that: "It’s disappointing that for the second day in a row Senator Obama has chosen to use natural catastrophes to launch political attacks -- that's not 'change we can believe in.'  John McCain is opposed to a government-run National Catastrophe Fund, not because he doesn’t have serious concerns about the cost of insurance in Florida, but because it ignores the need for private insurance reforms to broaden markets and protections against the cherry-picking of individual states. John McCain earned Governor Crist’s endorsement well after Senator McCain had articulated his position on this issue, because John McCain has the strength, experience and judgment to lead."