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Nelson endorses Obama

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, today endorsed Barack Obama for president, saying he waited a few days to give Clinton time to announce her support for the presumptive Democratic nominee.

In a press release, Nelson cited differences between Obama and presumptive Republican nominee John McCain, on a number of issues ranging from energy to health care to the environment – "and especially Obama’s commitment to renewing American diplomacy.

"Barack Obama is the candidate who can bring about the change we need in this country,” Nelson said. "He understands how everyday Americans are hurt by the war in Iraq, the sagging economy and the soaring price of food and gasoline."

Nelson said that because all the Democratic presidential candidates boycotted the state before its unsanctioned Jan. 29 primary, he remained neutral in the contest until the polls closed primary night and he endorsed Clinton. He said in the press release he's been friends with Clinton and former president Bill Clinton "for almost two decades.

In endorsing Obama today, he credited Clinton with having run a "great campaign, but more importantly, for urging all her supporters on Saturday to fully back Obama.


We all need to come together to take back the White House in the general election,” Nelson said.  “I look forward to helping Barack win in Florida and lead our country in a new direction.”