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WaPost blog makes case for Crist as veep

In the first of a two-part posting, Washington Post political blogger Chris Cillizza makes the case for Charlie Crist as John McCain's running mate. Among his reasons:

"In a toss-up race, Crist could make the difference as he not only has a demonstrated appeal at the ballot box (and high approval ratings to boot) but also has surrounded himself with a highly regarded political team -- both in Florida and Washington.

"If the state already leans toward McCain, then naming Crist would put it away before Labor Day -- taking a hugely expensive state off the battleground map and allowing McCain, who is likely to be operating at a significant financial deficit to Obama, to re-allocate resources to other large states like Ohio and Michigan.

"It's a win-win proposition."

Tomorrow, he says he will make the case against Crist.