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WaPost blog case against VP Crist: RINO

Better late than never, here's the post from the Washington Post's Chris Cillizza on why Gov. Charlie Crist won't be McCain's running mate. His primary reason: he's not conservative enough and is derided as being a RINO -- Republican in Name Only.

"For McCain to have any chance at winning this fall, he MUST find ways to excite the conservative base about turning out for him. The easiest way to do that is to pick someone as vice president that conservatives see as one of their own. And, that isn't Charlie Crist."

Cillizza also quotes Florida GOP operatives whom he says claim the governor's "knowledge of issues is a mile wide and an inch deep" and his "chief governing philosophy is based on doing whatever is easy and popular." He adds, however that "Crist defenders insist that he is a compromiser by nature, an approach to governing that rank partisans might not like but that voters respond to."