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All 114 FL delegates get seats on GOP convention floor

Sharon Day, Florida's national committeewoman, says a deal has been struck so that all of the state's 114 delegates will be seated at the Republican convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

The Republican National Committee halved the delegation's influence because the state's early primary broke party rules. Under the compromise, all 114 delegates will get seated but the state will only deliver 57 votes for John McCain during the roll call.

"We're excited that our delegates will get to have the experience of being on the convention floor,'' Day said. "This is exactly what we hoped for."

The quietly resolved compromise contrasts with the Democratic party's meltdown that led the candidates to boycott the state for months and nearly cost Florida delegates a trip to the convention.

"We knew there would be consequences and we accepted that,'' Day said. "We haven't been whining and crying like the Democrats.''