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Barack's big veep surprise: Bill Nelson?

So posits the Times of London.

"Expect the unexpected," the newspaper says. "Few predicted that Dick Cheney, asked to find a running-mate for George Bush in 2000, would end up recommending himself. Four years ago the New York Post proclaimed Richard Gephardt to be Mr. (John) Kerry’s choice. The next day John Edwards was revealed as the vice-presidential nominee when his name was observed being painted on an aircraft.

"So, step forward Bill Nelson, who represents the swing state of Florida in the Senate where he sits on the armed services, foreign relations and intelligence committees."

Bill_3The story notes that bloggers typing "" earlier this week discovered they were redirected to Obama’s official campaign website. No such trick for Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, widely considered a top contender for the veep post. But as the Times notes, the computer situation could simply point to Nelson's "Nebraskan namesake, Senator Ben Nelson, ... Bill and Ben — the long shot men."