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Obama gas ads, like the economy, are a bust

Barack Obama's campaign announced this morning that it would be advertising on those new television screens at gas stations across Florida, but that doesn't appear to be the case. The company that places the ads, Gas Station TV, said it was approached by some campaigns but has decided not to run any political ads.

"At a time when presidential campaign ads monopolize prime-time, we believe it is important to be able to provide traditional advertisers with a clutter-free environment to showcase their brands and target marketing messages to a captive audience,'' said CEO David Leider in a statement released by a spokeswoman.

The Obama campaign was apologetic, maintains the ads were confirmed and offered back-up; the company says otherwise. Regardless, it's a major gaffe by a campaign that is typically well-organized.

UPDATE: The Obama campaign says Gas Station TV nixed the ad at the last minute. "Gas Station TV informed the campaign this afternoon, the company will not run ads that are damaging to oil companies."