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Dems: House "cronies" won't probe Republican candidate

In the tit for tat between the Dems and Reps over Belinda Ortiz, et al, here's the Democratic Party's pres statements on the matter:

"Belinda Ortiz's Republican cronies in Tallahassee are already going to bat for her. Rather than investigating or even addressing the serious charges alleged against her, Ortiz had her special interest buddies call in favors to get a partisan Republican Chairman to unilaterally dismiss the complaint. It is shameful that rather than answering questions about her past as a Tallahassee lobbyist, Belinda Ortiz continues the Republican culture of corruptions and cover-ups. Hopefully, the Members of the Senate Rule Committee will put their responsibility of our enforcing Senate rules above partisan political games."

The earlier press statement is below

"Tallahassee, FL - In a stunning and disappointing revelation, Republican Senate candidate and former professional lobbyist Belinda Ortiz is now under investigation for possibly violating Florida law, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Florida law, as well as Senate and House rules, requires all legislative lobbyists to register with the State of Florida. Ortiz, who admits to lobbying the Florida Legislature on her political website, never registered with the State. If guilty of breaking the law, Ortiz faces tens of thousands of dollars in fines and could be barred from lobbying the Legislature.

"It's a shame to see that the Culture of Corruption remains alive and well with Belinda Ortiz and the Republican Party," said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Eric Jotkoff. "It is not surprising that the Republican's would handpick someone like Belinda Ortiz, who is bankrolled by the special interest and seems to think she is above the law. Ortiz would fit in way too well with the same Republicans cronies in Tallahassee, who raised our insurance rates by 71.5%."

On her political website, Belinda Ortiz boasts that as a lobbyist, she "was responsible for monitoring, lobbying and coordinating action plans, for legislative matters that affect the hospitality industry." (link) Ortiz also brags that she "was charged with developing professional relationships with elected officials in the tri-county area, as well as Florida State Legislators." (link)

Click here to download copies of the complaints filed in both the State House and Senate against Ortiz that the Florida Democratic Party obtained."