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Olbermann's Palin witchunt and the preacher wars

In his rage to find trouble in all things Palin-McCain-Bush, Keith Olbermann's prime time show is getting so partisan that Bill O'Reilly is now* looking like the most down-the-middle guy on cable. 

Just take the example of tonight's feature on Sarah Palin's pastor, Thomas Muthee. It's a counterpoint to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright obsession of FOX's Sean Hannity. But where Wright is into black power, Muthee is into witch hunts, apparently. He drove an alleged witch from an African village and, later, laid hands on Palin and rebuked "every form of witchcraft." (Didn't Palin express something later at her church about how different/odd this experience was?)

Has Olbermann asked Muthee to be on the show? Probably not. There never seems to be a dissenting voice, just the same guests. At least Hannity had Wright on.

Olbermann's mockery at the Republican presidential ticket even takes the form of manipulating John McCain's image as a bobble head in a feature called "McCain in the Membrane." Originally, he played the Cypress Hill track, but now the music is just weird. Is this just the FOX-answer propaganda of a liberal? Nah. Olbermann doesn't use that word. He talks about "progressives."

*(Although his riff with Dennis Miller over Larry King's interview with Ahmadinejad was classic, this doesn't mean O'Reilly is really fair; he proactively brought up an obscure attack on Palin to discredit. And he negatively featured the other Obama preacher tonight, Father Michael Phleger.... Is this the election season of the weird preacher?)