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Ouch! RPOF lights into Siplin, the "shady, deadbeat felon"

Sometimes, a press release should be printed in its entirety. Case in point, this Republican Party of Florida presser against Orlando Sen. Gary Siplin, who incidentally still owes Miami-Dade cash for his failed business, Hats in the Belfry. (One note: it bashes him for a felony theft conviction that was overturned):

"Bogus Complaint Dismissed as Democrats Smear Complaint Revealed
Convicted Felon and Deadbeat Dad Gary Siplin Maintains a Personal Culture of Corruption
Tallahassee - Just one day after the Florida Democrat Party and Gary Siplin attempted to make political hay out of a bogus complaint against Belinda Ortiz, their deceptive tactics were exposed by the Florida House.
Gary Siplin is the last person who should be hurling ethics accusations against someone else, noted RPOF Communications Director Erin VanSickle.  While Belinda Ortiz is clearly innocent of these misleading complaints, Gary Siplin is far from being vindicated of his chargesincluding a felony conviction. 
Taking advantage of a nave college student, the Florida Democrat Party tried to launch a smear campaign against Belinda Ortiz, who is running for Florida Senate against Siplin, by accusing her of failing to register as a lobbyist.  Almost immediately, the Florida House dismissed the bogus complaints against Ortiz, who has an impeccable record of community involvement and public service.  Meanwhile, Siplin has long, shady history of run-ins with law enforcement, including a felony conviction for grand theft.  Siplin was ordered arrested for failure to pay child support, owing his ex-wife $16,940. (Orlando Sentinel, 09/06/2002)  Additionally, Siplin owes Florida taxpayers $150,000 for a business loan he received from Miami-Dade County (Orlando Sentinel, 05/29/2002) owes more than $65,000 in unpaid federal income tax (Orlando Sentinel, 05/29/2002).
Gary Siplin and the Florida Democrats should explain to Florida taxpayers why they are spending time fabricating complaints against others instead of working to pay back the money he owes Floridians, concluded VanSickle.  A convicted felon who refuses to pay child support simply cannot use the words ethics and culture of corruption and expect people to take him seriously, and both he and Karen Thurman should be ashamed of themselves."