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Poll shows new Palin Effect: possible pain for McCain

Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning firm, has a new poll showing that, for the first time, Barack Obama opened a slight Florida lead over John McCain: 46-44. But that's within the poll's error-margin, so consider it a tie that's more indicative of Obama's gaining of momentum as the economy slows.

Also, the poll shows Obama has picked up more support among whites, closing a 27 percentage point gap to 11 points.

More intriguing: McCain's pick of Sarah Palin seems to be more problematic these days. Her CBS interview with Katie Couric sure didn't help, nor does the prime-time pounding of McCain on MSNBC, nor did Tina Fey's mocking of her on Saturday Night Live, where some big chuckle-lines were simply verbatim repeats of what Palin had said.

About 40 percent of respondents said they were more likely to vote for McCain due to Palin's pick, a 5 point drop in less than a month. Meantime, 41 percent say they were less likely to vote for McCain due to Palin, an increase of 7 points.

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