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Ros-Lehtinen's haircut makes the cut

Seriously. The Hill, a D.C. newspaper that covers Congress takes note of the Miami Republican's new do -- one she doesn't like.

Here's what The Hill reports under a gossip column item titled: "Rep. Ros-Lehtinen gets a new hairdo: The Suze Orman

"Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) debuted a new hairstyle last week and also appeared to have added blond highlights. The short cut takes her hair off her neck and above her ears but leaves a fullness at the top. It could rightly be called the Suze Orman look, named after the self-help-style financial adviser with short, layered white-blond hair.

"Ros-Lehtinen was not thrilled about the cut: 'It was a most unfortunate decision,' she said. 'I was about to go on the Larry King show and went to a hair salon to get my hair washed and blown out. The stylist said, 'Let me take just a bit off the top.' I said, 'Sure,’ and immersed myself in my BlackBerry news of the day in order to prepare for the show. And in a matter of minutes, most of my hair was gone. My family is aghast, as am I. But I vote in a more prepared manner than I make hair choices. It shall grow. No worries."