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State: No I.D. match? No vote.

Secretary of State Kurt Browning notified county elections' supervisors throughout the state Monday that he plans to enforce the state's controversial "no-match, no vote" law.

The voting-rights groups that failed in their lawsuit to block the law are predicting doom, saying in a press statement that the law "previously blocked more than 16,000 eligible Florida citizens from registering to vote, through no fault of their own, and could disenfranchise tens of thousands more voters in November."

Why enforce the law now? Browning's spokeswoman, Jennifer Krell Davis, said a federal court's ruling in the state's favor was only finalized July 28. And that made it too difficult for the state to put the new rules into effect for the Aug. 26 primary, for which new voters could be signed up until July 26.

The court ruling is here: Download nomatch.pdf

The press release from the Brennan Center, et al is here: Download votegroups.htm