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Are we on? Battle of the titans, televised? Ground rules: No spitting?

Bring it on! Raul Martinez's campaign says it kept negotiating with CBS-4 in hopes of scheduling a debate with Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, and has agreed to one on Oct. 13.

Diaz-Balart's camp says he'll be there too! Of course the agreement did little to quell the sniping. As witnessed below:

"Mayor Martinez had to move his schedule to make this happen," Martinez's spokesman Aaron Blye said in a press release. "Hopefully, Lincoln Diaz-Balart won’t stand us up like he did last time and will stop dodging every TV station who has offered him an opportunity to debate the issues."

"Raul will be there, prime time on a network," he said in a reference to the latest spat over the debates that broke on Monday.

Diaz-Balart's spokesman Carlos Curbelo retorted that Diaz-Balart had "for a second time accepted a debate on CBS4. Hopefully Mr. Martinez will not find an excuse to cancel this time."

The campaign noted it had "only one special request: We ask Mr. Martinez to observe the no spitting rule." And it included a 1993 clip from the Miami Herald with the headline "Debate Turns Frothy In Hialeah," an account in which Martinez was accused by another Hialeah mayoral candidate of spitting in his face. His wife denied the account and said Martinez only "blew" in his opponent's face.

Should be a fun debate.....