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Crist on bailout/rescue plan: mixed emotions

Gov. Charlie Crist said he talked with Sen. Bill Nelson today about the Senate vote on the $700 billion bailout/rescue plan before Congress but he won't commit to the latest version of the plan.

"I have mixed emotions as I think most people do,'' Crist said after meeting with several Tallahassee business owners to hear their concerns about Florida's business environment. "On the one hand I see it as a bailout of people that have done something wrong on Wall Street. There's also another part of me that sees we need to keep the economy moving, that we need to have people being able access to capital so they can get the loans that they need to buy a home and buy a car and keep the economy moving forward.''

"Something needs to occur to create stabilization,'' he said. "Quickly, but not so quickly that we create something that isn't helpful.''