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Forgetting about the economy with futbol

KISSIMMEE -- Naked Politics' road trip along Interstate-4 made a detour here, to one of the fastest growing Hispanic communities in the country, where a group of about two dozen men are playing soccer. For a few hours, they can forget about the mortgage being past due or the cost of gas.

Img00046_2 "We're trying to have a little fun, do something healthy, take the stress out,'' said Sebastian Busquets, 33, who is here with his 10-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter.

They lost their condominium nearly two years ago when the interest rate on the mortgage skyrocketed. Busquets works for AAA and picks up stranded drivers who often need to vent about their own money problems. He's voting for Democrat Barack Obama.

"He's something new. He's a change,'' Busquets said. "We can't afford another Republican like John McCain."