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Greer: Focus on issues, except when questioning Obama's character and judgment

Img00073With yet another statewide poll showing Republican John McCain in second place despite his campaign's aggressive turn, the chairman of the Florida GOP came to Miami Tuesday to urge volunteers to keep their spirits up and steer clear of personal attacks.

"These two men are honorable men,'' Jim Greer said of McCain and Democratic rival Barack Obama. "Sen. Obama is not our enemy. He's an American. We must focus on the issues of the day.''

But when one volunteer said his biggest concerns were Obama's "character and judgment,'' Greer didn't tell him to back off. "I think we need to continue to talk about that,'' Greer said.

Greer's mixed message reflected the broader debate in the McCain campaign about how to catch up to Obama in Florida and nationally during the waning days of the race. More here.