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Judge Dijols asks Supreme Court to weigh in

Broward Circuit Judge Pedro E. Dijols' attorneys filed a case today asking the Florida Supreme Court to put him back in the race.

After he narrowly lost the primary to Mardi Anne Levey, Dijols sued. He won at the circuit court level when a judge concluded that she should have run under her married name of Cohen which she uses in her law practice and on official documents. But the Fourth District Court  of Appeal sided with Levey.

By that point, however, Broward had already printed hundreds of thousands of ballots with  Dijols' name on them. So Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes decided to keep  Dijols' name on the ballot and include a note to voters that a vote for Dijols is a vote for Levey.

Levey says Snipes' decision will confuse voters, but she isn't continue her battle on that front.

Levey, a former prosecutor now in private practice, will face assistant public defender Bernarnd Isaac "Bernie'' Bober Nov. 4.

Dijols was one of three Broward judges with Hispanic last names appointed by former Gov. Jeb Bush who lost in the Aug. 26 primary.