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Poll: Obama ahead or tied in 3 solid Bush districts -- including Mario Diaz-Balart's

A new poll in 3 competitive congressional districts that George Bush won by more than 8 points shows Barack Obama tied or ahead of John McCain.

Obama trailed McCain by 9 points or more in polls conducted between March and July in the congressional districts represented by GOP'ers Mario Diaz-Balart and Tom Feeney and Democrat Tim Mahoney.

But he's now either tied or ahead in the 3 districts in polls conducted Oct. 8-22. And in the heavily Jewish and Democratic district represented by Rep. Ron Klein, Obama leads by 24 points today after leading by only 9 percentage points in May.

The polls were conducted by Hamilton Campaigns for the Democratic congressional campaigns in each district.

"Obama's increased support in some of the most competitive districts in Florida underscore the recent movement in statewide polling," said David Beattie, president of Hamilton Campaigns.