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Q Poll: Florida voters not sold on Wall Street bail out

The new Q poll shows Florida voters oppose the proposed $700 billion bid to shore up Wall Street, but not by a huge margin: 42 to 36 percent.

But 60 percent of Florida voters say the economy is the most important issue in the election, with voters post-debate saying they trust Barack Obama more than John McCain 53 percent to 39 percent.

And that's bad news for McCain, said Peter Brown, director of the university's polling institute. He says the "Wall Street meltdown has been a dagger to McCain's political heart. Roughly a third of voters, and almost as large a share of the key independent vote, say McCain did more harm than good in trying to resolve the financial crisis, and the share of voters who see the economy as the top issue has risen from roughly half to six in ten."

The poll suggests voters weren't all that impressed with McCain's call last week to suspend his campaign and return to Washington to solve the financial crisis: post debate, voters said 53-20 percent that Obama's role in trying to solve the economic crisis has been helpful more than harmful, compared to 45-31 percent for McCain.