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Starbucks crowd half-caf between McCain and Obama

Img00049_2 ORLANDO -- The stereotype of the latte-swilling Starbucks crowd is that they're all a bunch of over-educated, white guilt-riddden liberals. Not so. Naked Politics met about as many supporters of Republican John McCain on this downtown street corner as fans of Democrat Barack Obama, during another stop along the politically coveted Interstate-4 corridor.

"McCain is more conservative and more fiscally responsible,'' said Gino Butto, who works at the Orange County Clerk of Courts. "With Obama, I feel like I've seen so many different sides of him and I don't know who he is...I'm a moderate Republican, and he's too liberal and inconsistent."

Rob Frese, a 46-year-old CFO, said he doesn't buy the Democratic line of attack that  voting for McCain is voting for another eight years of President Bush.

"I'm voting for this year's candidate, not last year's candidate,'' he said. "McCain has the ability to make his own mind up."