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Crist welcomes Rhodes Scholar-jock Rolle, mum on all else

Gov. Charlie Crist met with and saluted FSU d-back Myron Rolle for winning a Rhodes Scholarship.

"He's just such an outstanding man," Crist said this morning  in the governor's office.  "And it's such a great story." Indeed it is. Read it here.

The soft-spoken hard-hitter said little, describing the saga as "a wonderful, wonderful moment." He cracked a joke during Crist's Q and A with the press corps, saying the questions were harder than the Rhodes interview.

Q: What do you think of the gay-marriage ban being struck down by a Miami-Dade judge?

A: I'll get back with you

Q: Anything new with his statement yesterday about a moratorium on mortgage foreclosures?

A: No. "hope to be able to have something next week." Crist said it would be "my preference" to have a joint announcement/agreement with the bankers. And as for the bankers dislike of the word moratorium, Crist said: "I don't care what the terminology is. I just want to have compassion for people during a tough time."

Q: Will your need to balance the budget by syphoning savings money clash with your plan to spend road-savings money more quickly to accelerate building projects?

A: Everything's on the table.