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Peter Deutsch says he's the change Broward needs

Former Broward Congressman Peter Deutsch confirmed that he is running as chair of the Broward Democratic Party.

He wants to replace Mitch Ceasar who has held the job for 12 years.

"It's a case of people coming to me more than me coming to people,'' he said speaking on a cell phone from Beijing where he is on business. "There are people who are really not happy with the local party and really want change.''

The party's executive committee -- which consists of about 900 people -- will vote Dec. 7. If he wins, Deutsch says he wants to hire a professional director who isn't a lobbyist. That's a stab at Ceasar who works as a lobbyist.

"If you are being paid to lobby there is a question of where are your loyalties?'' Deutsch said.

Deutsch said he is supportive of candidates running for other positions within the party -- including Linda Bird who lost a state senate race to Jeff Atwater -- but he says they aren't running together as a slate.

Asked how he could run Broward's Democratic Party when he lives part time in Israel, Deutsch said that he is accessible.

"You reached me in Beijing,'' he said. "It's a small world.''