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Republicans blast poll on Mel Martinez

From a Republican Party of Florida press release:

"Poll numbers just released by a Democrat polling firm on Senator Mel Martinez’s job approval ratings are being called into question as misleading and not objective. According to Public Policy Polling, three polls taken over the summer show Senator Martinez with job approval ratings of 23-24 percent. Other firms have shown dramatically different numbers, calling into question the veracity of PPP’s results.

The poll paints Senator Martinez as an "endangered incumbent," yet reputable firms like Mason-Dixon Polling & Research have shown significantly higher numbers. Even Democrat-leaning Hamilton Campaigns gave Martinez 51 percent positive approval ratings this month. PPP’s client list includes Democrats in North Carolina, environmental groups, unions, and anti-abortion groups, further calling into question the firm’s objectivity.

The most important poll taken is the one on election day, and since his election, Senator Martinez has proved himself as a principled public servant to the people of Florida, standing up for the issues that are important to Floridians and serving as our voice in the United States Senate."