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Jim Stork: voters who fought gay marriage can kiss my a--

Former Wilton Manors Mayor Jim Stork was on vacation in Mexico on Christmas when the Miami Herald wrote about his $30,000 election fine related to his 2004 Congressional race.

The Federal Election Commission concluded that Stork's ads about pie and coffee at his bakeries were essentially campaign ads paid for with corporate dollars -- a big no-no for candidates.

Stork emailed us a colorful response to the article. Here are some highlights:

"I guess it is a compliment that the federal government believes that the quality of my Stork's food can somehow influence voter decisions,'' he wrote. He added that rather than spend more money to fight the charge he decided to contribute money to those in need instead.

Stork, a Democrat, had mysteriously dropped out of his race against Republican Clay Shaw in 2004, claiming an unspecific heart ailment. He now says it was bacterial endocarditus and that he ''poorly handled communication.'' Shaw easily won the race against a replacement candidate though he lost to Ron Klein two years later.

This past year, Stork was involved in the Florida Red and Blue campaign, which failed to defeat Amendment 2 which banned gay marriage in the Constitution. About this issue he says:

"I have no more tolerance for those who voted for Amendment 2 or those who want to take my rights away ... which includes dumb rednecks, bible thumping white folks, bible thumping Hispanics, self-centered educated people who are so self absorbed that they don't bother to look into an issue, lazy gay people who don't get involved or are too weak to come out of the closet, and am now most disappointed in African Americans who should be the least likely group of folks to judge others, but are the ones who judge others the most ... all of these folks can kiss my a--.''

And for those folks who miss eating apple pie and lemon blueberry biscuits at Stork's on Las Olas which closed a few months ago, Stork says the future of the spot is ''pending, but it will not be called storks.'' The Wilton Manors location, which Stork sold to his baker, remains open.