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On the eve of the sugar vote, Crist makes an offer: more promises

Gov. Charlie Crist sent a letter to the members of the South Florida Water Management District board of governors late Monday and, in an attempt to win some votes Tuesday for his troubled plan to buy U.S. Sugar, he offered a reach out to the unhappy Glades community.

"I want to offer my support for the consideration of an inland port,'' Crist wrote, referring to the idea of some economic development folks who have suggested a port hub as one way to prop up the sugar-dominated economy of the Glades. "As suitable locations are discussed, I am keenly aware of the desire by the City of Clewiston to make this concept a reality."

The rest of the five-paragraph letter talks about the "historic nature of this moment" and suggests that the Tuesday vote "will have an impact not just for seven years but for the next 700 years and beyond."

Crist, however, is not backing down in the face of long odds. He urges the board "to support this historic acquisition" and thanks board members for their dedication to the ecosystem.