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Republican lawmaker "disappointed" with Crist's sugar deal

Rep. Denise Grimsley plans tomorrow to take the extra-ordinary step of speaking against Gov. Charlie Crist's Everglades/sugar deal via a pre-recorded video message that she'll upload to an ftp server so that it can be downloaded at tomorrow's South Florida Water Management District board meeeting.

Grimsley, R-Lake Placid, represents Clewiston and said she and other lawmakers from the area are "disappointed with the way the deal was announced, with nor warning or input from legislators from the area. Clewiston was promised an economic transition plan from the governor's office, now they can't even get any feedback."

But Grimsley's objection is all about jobs. She says the Clewiston area could lose 1,700 of them (true, a drop in the bucket compared to the 156,200 jobs lost in the past year during Crist's watch).

Another objection: Grimsley said the people of the area "have no representation on the board" because Crist hasn't appointed anyone to replace Bubba Wade, who left in June. Sure makes the votin' easier.

Grimsley's measured comments echo those from Rep. Trudi Williams (a former SFWMD member), Sen. Mike Bennett, Rep. Baxter Troutman, Rep. Juan Zapata, and Sen. J.D. Alexander. All are Republicans. Grimsley and others say future House Speaker Dean Cannon has also expressed concerns.

"It's good for U.S. Sugar," Grimsley said. "But probably not for taxpayers."