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The official special session call is out

We told you it was going to happen, and here is the official procedural special session call. Read it here It starts at 11 a.m. next Monday, Jan. 5 and ends (gulp) at midnight on Jan. 16th. Read the memo that accompanied the letter on the jump.

Attached is a copy of the official call for Special Session which has been filed with the Secretary of State earlier this afternoon.

For scheduling purposes, below is a general outline of the schedule for the first week of Special Session.
¨       We will begin at 11:00 on Monday morning January 5.
¨       Appropriations committees will begin to meet at approximately 1:00 on Monday afternoon.
¨       The individual appropriations committees will meet on Tuesday and Wednesday as well, and will produce their parts of the General Appropriations Bill, and necessary implementing and conforming legislation.
¨       Ways and Means will meet on Thursday morning, January 8, to hear the Appropriations Bill and all necessary implementing and conforming bills.
¨        We plan to be on the floor on Friday morning, January 9, for second and  third readings.
¨        We then anticipate going into conference committee meetings with the House on Friday afternoon, and working through most of the weekend in conference.
¨       We anticipate that the conference reports will be on the Senators’ desks no later than Tuesday  morning, January 13.  This would allow us to complete the 72 hour waiting period for final passage and adjourn by Friday afternoon, January 16.
For your information, we do plan to have interim committee meetings the week of January 12, during the 72 hour waiting period.  You should receive the schedule for those meetings tomorrow (Wednesday).
Please make your travel plans in anticipation of this general schedule.
Thank you for your commitment of time and service on behalf of the citizens of the State of Florida. I look forward to seeing you next week.