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Meek: "I do have a statewide footprint"

From an interview on MSNBC with fledgling US Senate candidate Kendrick Meek:

Anchor: "What about the ...critics out there who say you are so Miami-based that...rural Florida, doesn't get to see that part of you, or that you can't lobby for some of their concerns?"

Meek: "Well, critics will be critics. But I'm more concerned about Floridians. In 2002, when I was in the state senate, I actually ran a state-wide constitution -- to amend the state constitution to make class sizes smaller in Florida. I was John Kerry's chairman when he ran for president of the United States. I was the co-chairman when Al Gore ran for president of the United States. I've done a lot throughout Florida. My family originated out of Tallahassee, Florida. I attended Florida A&M University and graduated. I was a state trooper and in the legislature for eight years prior to coming here to Congress.

"So, I do have a state-wide footprint. Of course, critics would like to limit me to south Florida. But, I think as we look at this multi-month campaign, Floridians will become more and more familiar not only with my candidacy but also what I stand for."