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Ritter on "penis enlarger," media coverage, lobbying

Broward County Mayor Stacy Ritter has largely been avoiding newspaper reporters' requests for interviews about the fact that while a state representative she voted for legislation sought by a company represented by her lobbyist husband Russ Klenet.

When she spoke with the Miami Herald Monday, she slipped in a few jabs at the media.

About the Broward-Palm Beach New Times: "it's only good for wrapping fish in" or looking for a "penis enlarger or a male escort."

About journalists in general: "Russ doesn't lobby me. I know you all think we sit at home and craft some kind of agenda."

Ritter will give an interview today to Miami Herald's radio news partner WLRN at 1 p.m. A spokesperson for Broward County told WLRN that Ritter might balk if the Herald's county government reporter Dan Christensen participated, so he's been disinvited.