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View from the 305: "Vultures" are circling the House

Miami Republican Rep. Juan Zapata said he supports House Speaker Ray Sansom's decision to temporarily step aside amid a criminal probe. He said, however, that there shouldn't be any doubt that Ocala Rep. Larry Cretul is now in charge.

But, he said, he's catching wind of other lawmakers manuevering to take advantage of the situation. He wouldn't say who.

"I've been taken aback by the intrigue and drama and rumors about people jockeying and trying to throw other people under the bus," Zapata said. "I find that to be vulture-like behavior.''

"It's the speaker decision and I support that decision," Zapata said. "For him to resign outright would be more disruptive than not. If he basically steps down, it puts the speakership in play and it happens when the florida legislature faces the toughest legislative session it ever has."