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'A measure of influence' for Rep. Erik Fresen

UPDATE: Fresen said he was mortified to learn of the wording of the fundraiser. "While I know that neither the Florida Credit Union League nor Mark Landreth meant any harm in their request, it was never seen or approved by myself, anyone on my staff, or the Republican Party of Florida," he said. "I am honored to represent my constituents who've sent me to Tallahassee to represent their needs. The sole purpose of my job is working to find solutions that will help improve our economy, create jobs & opportunity, and lower taxes. As has always been the case since I decided to file for public service, anyone who contributes to my campaign does so knowing full-well that they are buying intoMY philosophy, not the other way around.


Amid a flurry of fundraising solicitations, this one stands out. Mark Landreth of the Florida Credit Union League is arranging an event Wednesday for freshman Rep. Erik Fresen, R-Miami, who among a handful of state reps vying to become House Speaker in 2014. "He probably has a measure of influence over your interests," Landreth writes in an e-mail to other lobbyists after naming Fresen's committee assignments. A brazen play for money or simply telling it like it is? (click image to enlarge)