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College student Julio Osegueda enjoys time with Obama

Edison State College communications major Osegueda said he was surprised to be called on by the president -- he was the last person to ask Obama a question in Fort Myers on Tuesday.

"I was just seeing no one else was doing anything to get his attention, so that's when I started jumping up and down and he picked me," said Osegueda, of Cape Coral.

Osegueda asked the prez a question in a booming broadcast voice about his employment benefits -- he's been working at McDonald's four and a half years and hasn't seen his benefits improve. Afterward, the student said he likes his job but is eager to graduate and move on to a media job.

"Right now I work everything, cash register, grill, drive-thru," he said, adding, "Drive-thru's my favorite because I get to interview the people on the intercom and talk to them.

"Like, if someone orders an iced tea, I might say, 'You mean you want a large, ice-cold, tasty, refreshing beverage?' "