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Doc Homan laments "Pillsbury Doughboy" fat kids, smokers, etc.

Doughboy In a presentation to the House & Family Services Council, Tampa Rep. and physician Ed Homan spoke about the sorry state of healthcare in an effort to show that the problem isn't just the government - it's us.

"In my clinic, I have an easy way to measure healthcare: It's with a tape measure," Homan said.

The two leading killers: smoking (18 percent of deaths) and obesity (16 percent). Florida is becoming one of the nation's fattest states as the obesity rate rises everywhere. Soon, he said, more people will die of obesity-related illnesses than from smoking.

“If you’ve gone to the swimming pool, you’ll see what I’m talking about. When I was a kid, you were a stick. Now they’re little Pillsbury Doughboys," he said.

One solution, he said: List the total calories below a food item's price on restaurant menus.