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Jews beware! Muslim Day draws nigh!

Bismillah! Florida Muslim Capitol Day is scheduled for March 10. And House Republican leader Adam Hasner sees something nefarious afoot. He doesn't quite say what that is in an email he sent to Jewish lobbyists. But the day seems suspect nonetheless to him.

So Hasner suggests that Jewish leaders mount an "information campaign" against the day's organizers, speculating the group, United Voices for America, will ''push back'' against a resolution he proposed calling for solidarity with Israel. Hasner stopped just short of calling organizer Ahmed Bedier a terrorist, but went a little farther in an email to the Herald/Times (below) where he noted that Bedier worked for the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Citing blogs and a Fox news report, Hasner subjected Bedier to the six-degrees of Kevin Hamas three-degrees of Hamas treatment saying Hamas is linked to CAIR and Bedier worked at CAIR so......

"Ridiculous nonsense," said Bedier. He just wants to advocate for better schools and healthcare. Other Jewish lawmakers, most of them Democrats, say they take Bedier at his word.

From Hasner:

"I believe that all Floridians have the absolute right to petition their government and peaceably assemble, however, I am deeply concerned by the well documented ties that this group's leader has to organizations that are affiliated with terrorist groups such as Hamas.  While their name sounds peaceful, I would strongly encourage my colleagues to carefully scrutinize his background so they do not become an instrument in legitimizing or endorsing his radical agenda."