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After spat, Rep. Baxter Troutman barred from Senate floor

Rep. Baxter Troutman and Sen. Mike Haridopolos had some sort of dispute on or near the Senate **House floor, prompting the Senate Sergeant's Office to temporarily ban the Winter Haven Republican from the Senate floor. Details are sketchy.

"If I've banned from the Senate floor, it's news to me," Troutman said. "Haridopolos and I had an issue, we still do over an issue."

Over what?

"Over just last minute emotions, man. Stuff just starts to build up. I'm not even sure of the bill number," Troutman said. "That's all that I'm aware of."

Haridopolos acknowledged the two had a dispute over an arboriculture bill. The specifics are tough to figure right now. But the spat made it to the Senate sergeant's ear and he took action, said Senate spokeswoman Jaryn Emhof in a statement:

"The Sergeant temporarily removed Rep. Troutman's Senate Floor privileges. He heard about the altercation earlier, does not tolerate such behavior on the Senate floor. So to ensure that does not occur in the Senate, he has temporarily removed Rep. Troutman's Senate floor privileges."

Haridopolos isn't the only senator Troutman has tussled with. His cousin, Sen. J.D. Alexander, and he are frequently at loggerheads.

**Earlier, we said this happened on or near the Senate floor. But during a break in the House, Troutman just called up to the press gallery to say "it happened here" on the House floor. Asked if he were told about the Senate floor ban, Troutman didn't respond.