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Flores' Easter embryo message

Miami Rep. Anitere Flores is picking up where Republican rival David Rivera left off when it comes to banning public funding of embryonic stem-cell research. She issued the following letter to for Science and Ethics Chair Claire Thuning-Roberson:

Dr. Roberson –


I hope that you have received the news about Rep. Rivera’s recent effort to write language into the state budget that would prevent state funding of embryonic stem cell research.  It is gratifying that our efforts over the past few years are paying off and that more legislators are getting involved in our fight.  As we continue to move through the budget process, there will be skeptics who will try to derail this effort.  Can you please help us get the word out to CSE and all of the partner organizations that we need concerned Floridians to call their legislators and ask them to support the language in the budget to halt any funding for embryonic stem cell research.  Especially with what has recently transpired at the national level, this is our opportunity to make a definitive statement on the issue in Florida.


The facts are clear.  Adult stem cell research is working.  Embryonic stem cell research is not, and carries with it huge ethical and moral liabilities.  We need to get all research dollars focused on adult stem cell research, and efforts like these are a great step forward.


God bless and have a wonderful Easter,